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Posted At: May-29-2019    Posted By: Education Hub Desk

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Amid the most popular countries in the world, the UK with its attractive cities like London, Manchester, and Liverpool is presumably quite high on most of Bangladesh’s travel bucket lists. Before traveling to UK Bangladeshi people will need to apply for a visa through the British Embassy. Auspiciously, head of prosperity/economic division of British Embassy in Dhaka claimed that getting a UK visa is relatively uncomplicated. “To get the visa it takes15 working days (Normally) to be processed. 

A number of tips for a smooth UK visa application according to the UK Visas and Immigration are spelled out in the following.

  1. Submit the application early

You can submit the visa application a minimum three months earlier from your departure date to the UK. Generally, the rush time of visa application is during the Eid Holidays. Therefore, if you are zealous to spend the time in the country you should submit the application as early as possible.

  1. Know your visa type

There are various types of visas for the UK. The nature of visa depends according to the purpose and length of stay to that country. It is vital to pick the appropriate visa as it will make you understand the dos and don’ts while roaming the country under that specific permit.

  1. Prepare supporting documents

To apply the Visa for the UK will be requiring a number of supporting documents which will depend on the nature of visas. After being selected the nature of according to your purpose, you can continue to check the further required supporting documents on this website.

  1. Pay the fee

UK visa fees fluctuate on the basis of the nature of visas and length of stay. At the time of submitting the visa, you must arrange the adequate amount of money for yourself and your reliant spouse or children.

  1. Submit flight itinerary as a supporting document

For a UK visa application, flight itinerary is one of the significant requirements. However, the UK Embassy suggests the applicant hold any confirmation of plans until the visa has been granted.

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